Customer Service Team



It seems like only yesterday I was looking for a boarding kennel alternative for my dog, Sophie. That’s when I started “Don’t Fret Pet!“ in 1993. Since then we have helped over 12,000 dogs and their owners enjoy their holidays.


Margaret has been finding wonderful homes for your little furry friends for a number of years ensuring all parties are happy!


Will has been with “Don’t Fret Pet!” on the Sunshine Coast for over a decade and has enjoyed the experience of providing care and accommodation for guest dogs in this beautifully sunny region. Banjo, his rescue mixed-breed furbaby, has taken on the role of host for the many guests that come to stay at their “mini” acreage property, as if he was born to it.


Tony has been with Don’t Fret Pet since May 2011.
Tony is married to Julie and they have 3 grown up children aged 25, 21 and 19.
Tony likes nothing more than finding a lovely family home for your dog to stay while you’re away on holidays.
Gracie the family Pug spends most of her day asleep by Tony’s side or following him from room to room.
They love spending time with family and friends or simply curled up on the coach with their favourite pooch.


Paul joined his wife Brent at “Don’t Fret Pet!” two years ago after deciding to leave his government career to work in an environment surrounded by fur babies. Paul can often be found chatting to Vets, Groomers and Minders and doing home visits.


Brent joined the “Don’t Fret Pet!” family in 2005 after many years in the marketing industry and now owns and manages north and south east Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas. Brent and husband Paul have a band of adoring staffies who accompany them to the office every day to assist in any way they can (usually by sleeping under the desks)


Hi, I am Jenny and I have been working with DFP for three and a half years. A highlight for me is when a minder sends in a photo or feedback of their four legged boarder having a good time at their home away from home!


Carole has been with “Don’t Fret Pet!” since 2009. She manages our ACT and Newcastle areas, after previously owning and managing a “Don’t Fret Pet!” franchise. She and her husband have the pleasure of being mum & dad to 4 rescue dogs, a rescue cat, a couple of goats, and birds too numerous to count. They also are minders for “Don’t Fret Pet!” having welcomed many visiting doggies into their home over the past 9 years, as well as visiting pets in their own homes.