Pet Service Providers

How are people who advertise on the site evaluated by “Don’t Fret Pet!”?

As we have been operating since 1993 we have a lot of experience in assessing people wishing to mind pets.  Using this experience, we have put the following in place.


Basic Identity Checks

We do all of the following for each Pet Service Provider:

  • ensure the person’s full name matches their Facebook profile.  We display this as a Facebook badge on their listing.
  • validate their email address.
  • validate their mobile phone number.
  • validate their address.
  • inspect the photographs that the Pet Service Provider uploads so that we can assess the standard they intend to provide and can also ensure that pet owners are clearly shown what they need to see in order to make an informed decision for their pet.


Personal Verification

Unlike any other online site we personally speak with every potential new Pet Service Provider on our site so that we can assess their attitude and intentions.


Feedback from previous Bookings/Jobs

After each Booking or Job we request feedback from the Pet Owner and display these on their listing.


Drivers Licence and Criminal History Checks

We perform identity document checks of Australian Drivers Licences and National Criminal History for people offering certain services.

  • People offering Housesitting or Home Visit are not able to accept Bookings for that service until we have received a clear, current National Criminal History Check.
  • People offering Pet Taxi services must upload a current, valid Australian Drivers Licence.

What can I expect from a Pet Service Provider?

Depending upon the type of pet in care and the service being provided Pet Service Providers will:

  • Ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the pet they are caring for is paramount
  • Freshen water daily (or more often as required)
  • Feed pets as per the instructions of the owner
  • Clean pet bowls daily
  • Do full daily body checks, including teeth and gums, by running hands all over the pet to check for lumps, ticks or anything untoward
  • Report to the owner as soon as possible any or serious physical or behaviour abnormality appearing in their pet
  • Send regular photos of the pet to the Pet Owner and provide a short summary of how they are going.
  • Brush pets as often as required and arranged and pat, cuddle, and play with them
  • Ensure a clean area at all times for the pets they are caring for
  • Clean toileting areas daily e.g. refresh litter boxes, pick up droppings from lawns, replace puppy pads
  • Treat the owner’s property with respect and care
  • Ensure any correspondence with owners is as prompt as possible
  • Ensure pre-arranged walking requirements are carried out for dogs
  • Maintain full control of the pet (i.e. on lead or in pet carrier) when outside of a secure location.

How do I find a Pet Service Provider?

Finding the perfect Pet Service Provider is simple…

  • Sign up as a Pet Owner
  • Add your details
  • Add your pet’s details. Ensure that you enter details about their identity, health and behaviour too
  • Ensure both your profile and your pet’s profile have clear profile pictures
  • Verify your phone number
  • Search though the Pet Service Providers using the Find Pet Service Providers function in the top menu or use the Make A Booking button on your Dashboard, view their details and check their availability.  Then connect with them directly using the Contact Box
  • Alternatively Post A Job and let Pet Service Providers contact you
  • Should the service you are engaging be pet boarding, home visiting or house sitting, we strongly advise that you arrange a Meet & Greet. This is your opportunity to meet the Pet Service Provider and discuss your pet’s needs, ask questions and decide if they are a good fit for your pet
  • If you are happy with the Pet Service Provider and they have accepted the Booking or you have accepted a Pet Service Provider who applied for your Job you can now approve and pay via “Don’t Fret Pet!” to ensure your pet is covered under insurance.

What do I need to do to choose the right Pet Service Provider for my pets?

Finding the right Pet Service Provider depends on, firstly, the kind of service you are after.

If you are wanting a pet sitter for your dog you will need to take into consideration where you will be wanting your pet to stay:

  • at the Sitter’s home ‘Pet Boarding’
  • in your own home ‘Home Visits’ or
  • have someone live in your home ‘House Sitting’

If you want your pet to go and stay in the home of a pet sitter, using the advanced search when searching for a Pet Service Provider will help filter the requirements you have and assist you in finding the right sitter for your pet.

With Pet Boarding in the sitter’s home, your main criteria is the level of security and safety of the property and it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure the pet sitter’s fence and yard are suited to your pet’s size, breed and activity level.

For any of the above sitting services we strongly recommend that a Meet & Greet is conducted. This will help to alleviate any surprises for both yourself and the Pet Service Provider.

For other services, ensure the Pet Service Provider has the relevant skills and qualifications to deliver the services required.  Checking what Badges and Qualifications the Pet Service Provider has will help to determine their expertise in the service offered.

What do the badges mean?



First Aid – These Pet Service Providers have shown proof in obtaining formal Pet First Aid training from a recognised institution.

Police Checked – These Pet Service Providers have shown proof in obtaining a National Criminal History Check. Offering peace of mind particularly if the Pet Service Provider will be visiting or staying in your home.

Reliable – These Pet Service Providers have proven themselves to be reliable in providing responsible pet care.

Background Checked – Personal details of these Pet Service Providers have been checked and verified.

Interviewed Pet Service Provider – These Pet Service Providers have been personally interviewed and approved by a “Don’t Fret Pet!” team member.  This badge is only available to Pet Service Providers who offer a pet sitting service.

Responsive – These Pet Service Providers respond to Pet Owner enquiries and communications in a timely manner

Drivers Licence – All Pet Service Providers offering a Pet Taxi service must upload a copy of their current drivers licence.

Facebook Verified – Proof of a valid Facebook page has been provided by these Pet Service Providers.

Preferred Pet Services Provider – This badge signifies that these Pet Service Providers have expertise, experience, and give high quality and performance in the services they offer. These Pet Service Providers are a part of the “Don’t Fret Pet!” Preferred Elite.


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