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What is the difference between a Booking and a Job?

With a Booking, the Pet Owner searches for Pet Service Providers who provide the service they require in the location they need the service.  They then select the Pet Service Provider they think is most suitable to perform the service for them, at the rate the Pet Service Provider is offering the service.  Pet Owners can approach more than one Pet Service Provider. A notification will be sent to the selected Pet Service Provider who then has the option of accepting the Booking or declining it.

A Job is where the Pet Owner has posted the service they require so that Pet Service Providers can apply to perform the service. The Pet Owner will nominate an amount they are happy to pay for the Job.

What are the benefits of accepting Bookings/Jobs via “DON’T FRET PET!”?

  • All Bookings/Jobs booked through the “Don’t Fret Pet!” website are covered under the Public Liability Insurance.
  • Communication on the website between Pet Owners and Pet Service Providers is documented to avoid any grey areas.
  • Support is available from our Awesome Support Heroes should it be needed.
  • Reviews are able to be left by Pet Owners which can them help you to earn more bookings.
  • Each Booking/Job through the website contributes a percentage of the fees charged to WWF.

How do I obtain Bookings?

There are some important things you can do to stand out from other Pet Service Providers so that Pet Owners approach you for their Bookings:

  • have a great profile Title – one that will capture the attention of Pet Owners
  • ensure your profile has as much information relevant to the services you provide as possible
  • make your page stand out by adding photos, videos and comments letting Pet Owners know why you would be the best one to care for their pet

When a Pet Owner selects you for the service they require you will receive notification and will be able to accept or decline at that point.  The faster you can respond the better as they may have approached other Pet Service Providers as well.

How do I find Jobs in my area?

A Pet Owner will submit a Job for the service they require and for the amount they are happy to pay for the Job.

You can search for jobs using ‘SEARCH JOBS’ at the top of the screen. You then enter the location of the area that suits you and tick the types of services that you offer.

All Jobs that fit that description will be displayed along with their suburb, dates and the rate that the Pet Owner is offering.  You can then see even more information about any that appeal to you by clicking on View Job.

How will I be assessed by Pet Owners?

By ensuring your profile has as much pet care relevant information as possible you will be assessed more highly than others.

Make your page stand out by adding photos, videos and comments letting Pet Owners know why you would be the best one to care for their pet.

Earn badges showing any relevant training, background checks, pet first aid certificates and others.

Ensure each and every Booking/Job you complete earns you great reviews. A Pet Owner review is highly regarded amongst other Pet Owners.

Can I decline a Booking or Job after accepting it?

After accepting a Booking or Job you are still able to decline it up to the day before it starts.  We strongly recommend that, unless it is exceptional personal circumstances, that you always give the Pet Owner at least 14 days’ notice if you need to decline a Booking or Job after accepting it.

The way to decline is to View the Booking or Job and then click on the Decline Booking or Decline Job button.  You will be asked to provide a reason which will be relayed to the Pet Owner so keep it pleasant and apologetic.

How do I change my rates for a Booking?

Sometimes you might agree to provide your service at a discounted rate or perhaps, after discussing the Pet Owner’s requirements, you agree that you will charge a higher rate.  This can only be done prior on Pending Bookings.

If you agree on a change to the rate for a Booking you are able to update it.  Just follow these steps:

  1. Login and go to your Dashboard
  2. Go to My Bookings
  3. Find the Booking in Pending Bookings.
  4. Click on View
  5. Click on Update Price
  6. Enter the new rate that was agreed with the Pet Owner

When you update the prices the Pet Owner will be sent an email advising them that you have done this so it is essential that you have discussed this with them first.

NOTE: You can’t change the rate for a Job as you have accepted a Job at the rate that was posted.  If, after discussions, the Pet Owner agrees to a different rate because they have requested extra days or services from you, then the Pet Owner has to change the rate.

What should I do if the pet is not picked up on the arranged date?

If the Pet Owner contacts you and arranges for the additional day/s be sure to remind them to either add another Booking for the additional period or update the Job with the new dates and increase the rate so that you are paid for the extra time.  It is imperative that they do this so that you are covered by insurance.  It is also important to get all this in writing via the “Don’t Fret Pet!” Chat function so that you have a written record of what they requested and what you agreed to in case there is any “confusion” about this.

If the Pet Owner fails to collect their pet on the date that was arranged with you and is not able to be contacted you should contact the emergency contact on the information sheet they left with you as that person may have more information about what has happened to cause the delay.

If you are sure that the Pet Owner has not returned as they are abandoning their pet you have two options:

  1. You can do your best to rehome the pet by placing advertisements and using social media to find a better forever home for them
  2. You can hand the pet over to the local council along with the details of the Pet Owner.

Keep written notes, with dates and times, of your attempts to re-unite the pet with the Pet Owner.

Please advise your Pawsome Support Heroes of this event so that we can assist you in trying to contact the Pet Owner.


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