How Can I Receive More Bookings and Jobs

How can I receive more Bookings?

The more information you can offer on your profile the more you will have Pet Owners wishing to communicate with you. Be sure to add photos relevant to caring for pets to your profile. Another great way to show a Pet Owner the great care you give and the type of person you are is to add a video.  If you are boarding pets in your home include views of the main areas of your home and yard in your video.

The more information you share about yourself and the care you provide the more chance you will have of getting bookings.

Some other tips for getting more Bookings are:

Respond quickly – The faster you respond to a Booking request the more chance you have of winning that Booking.

Ask good questions about the pets – Show you are interested and knowledgeable about the Pet Owner’s pet. Find out as much as you can about the Booking/Job requirements, the pets involved and the requirements of the Pet Owner. Find out what is most important to the Pet Owner when their pet is being cared for.

Send updates to the Pet Owner – Keep the Pet Owner up to date with the welfare of their pet. A Pet Owner will be more likely to use a Pet Service Provider again if they have been sent pictures of their pet having a great time or of just looking relaxed. The smile this gives the Pet Owner is worth more than marketing dollars can buy.

Always be polite and professional – You are representing YOUR business. Maintain a professional and personable manner at all times.

Remind the Pet Owner to provide a review – Every good review is valuable. The more good reviews you have on your profile the more likely you are that a Pet Owner will be happy with what they have read and select you for caring for their pet.

Once I have joined how do I start accepting Bookings and apply for Jobs?

Bookings:  You will begin to receive Booking request notifications via email, sms (if you ticked that you want to receive sms) and your Portal Inbox. Once you have viewed and considered the details of the Booking, and have decided you wish to proceed, you only need to click on the ‘Accept Booking’ button. This will inform the Pet Owner that you have agreed to fulfill their booking request.  Of course, if the service requires a Meet & Greet and you are not happy with the Booking after that you can still decline the Booking at that point.

Jobs:  It is up to you to Search Jobs on a regular basis.  You can search for Jobs of the Service Type you are offering and within a certain distance from a location that you enter.  Once you see a Job that looks right for you, you can click on View Job to see more information about both the Job and the pet/s.

How do I get information on Bookings and Jobs as quickly as possible?

Responding promptly to a Booking request is paramount to winning the business. You may not be the only Pet Service Provider the Pet Owner has approached.

Receiving the information on a Booking quickly is half way there to securing the Booking being offered.

The quickest and most reliable way to receive Booking requests is to select SMS for receiving your messages. This way you will know of a request almost instantly giving you the opportunity to respond straight away.

Similarly, once you have applied for a Job, you need to respond quickly to the Pet Owner as other Pet Service Providers will most likely have applied for the Job.  So, receiving messages via SMS will mean that you can respond as quickly as possible.

How can I stand out in “DON’T FRET PET!” search results?

Multiple top review ratings and badges will mean that you will stand out from other Pet Service Providers.  The ways to achieve the best review ratings are:

  • Respond quickly to all communications with the Pet Owner.
  • Going out of your way to help the Pet Owner feel that their pet is in the best possible hands.
  • Try to exceed the Pet Owner’s expectations.

Earn badges – the more badges you have for the Pet Owner to see the more click-throughs you will receive from Pet Owners looking for a Pet Service Provider.

These types of things will set you above other Pet Service Providers that do not have these.

What does my listing tell Pet Owners?

Your listing is your chance to tell a Pet Owner all about yourself and why you would be THE best Pet Service Provider for their Booking or Job.

It is the place where you can tell them of the services you offer, your qualifications, your own pets and the experience you have.

You can show them via photos and video where their pet will sleep, play, eat etc (if offering Boarding in your home). It is a chance to show them how safety conscious you are, how much an animal lover you are and generally what an all-round-nice-person you are.

Make the most of your listing. It could win or lose a potential Booking or Job for you.


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