Keeping Your Profile Up To Date

How do I change my availability?

If you are unavailable for any particular dates always remember to mark them on your calendar. This saves frustration for both you and the Pet Owner.

From your Dashboard, click on ‘Calendar’ in the left-hand menu. Then click on the dates you are unavailable in the Unavailable Dates – Modication Form area.  You will see the next three months but can scroll to later months using the arrow in the top right corner.  These dates are highlighted in brown.  Remember to Save the changes.

The calendar below this displays all dates for the next 12 months.  Dates that you have marked as unavailable are highlighted in red on this calendar.

How do I change my rates?

From your Dashboard click on #7 ‘Services & Rates’ or, in the left-hand menu, click on My Listing Details and then on Services & Rates.

Once there scroll down to ‘Main Service Rates’ and/or ‘Extra Services Rates’. Click on the service you wish to change and amend the amount. Remember to Save changes.

Some areas will require you to enter an amount for additional pets.  Please enter an amount here even if you only plan to provide the service for one pet.  We have set it up like this so that, when you have been providing this service for some time, should you receive a Booking from a Pet Owner for more than one pet you may decide that you would like to take the Booking.  You are always at liberty to decline any Booking offered to you.

How do I change the services I want to offer?

From your Dashboard click on #7 ‘Services & Rates’.  In the Services You Offer area, tick or untick the services you wish to add or remove.  Remember to Save changes.

How do I change the type and number of pets for which I want to provide my services?

From your Dashboard click on #7 ‘Services & Rates’.

To change type of pet, scroll down to ‘Accepted Pet Types’ and add or remove pet types required. Remember to Save changes.

To change the number of pets, scroll to ‘Main Service Rates’. Click on ‘Pet Boarding’ and amend amount in ‘Maximum number of pets’. Remember to save changes.


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