Pet Safety & Welfare

What is my duty of care when in charge of an animal?

When a pet is booked with you, you have a duty of care.  Duty of care places a legal obligation on those in charge of animals to provide for an animal’s needs in an appropriate way.

Whilst there are currently no national laws applying to animal welfare each state and territory does have their own individual legislations.

It is your responsibility to know the relevant Acts/Legislations for your location.

Some acts declare it a specific offence for people who fail to meet their duty of care obligations towards the animals in their charge.  A large fine and/or imprisonment is applicable for an individual convicted of a breach of duty of care.

To find the relevant legislation for your state or territory click on one of the following:

ACT:     Animal Welfare Act 1992

NSW:   Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979

NT:       Animal Protection Act

QLD:    Animal Care and Protection Act 2001

SA:       Animal Welfare Act 1985

TAS:     Animal Welfare Act 1993

VIC:      Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1986

WA:     Animal Welfare Act 2002


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