Reviews and Testimonials

Why are reviews so important for me?

Many people look at the reviews before feeling comfortable about using any service or business.

The best advertisement for your business is rave reviews.  The only way you can achieve this is by providing excellent service both in the way you care for the pets and in how you interact with the Pet Owners.  This will lead to very positive reviews for you and that will then lead to more Pet Owners wanting you to mind their pets.

When is the best time to remind the Pet Owner to post a review?

Pet Owners will automatically be prompted by “Don’t Fret Pet!” to write a review of your service but the best time to remind them to do this is when they are telling you how happy they are with the service you have provided.  All of your reviews will appear on your listing.  You can also leave reviews for Pet Owners which will only be visible to them.

Should I write reviews about all Bookings and Jobs?

It’s a good idea to write a review about a Booking or Job that you have just completed so that the Pet Owner has some feedback from you and you can look back at what you wrote about them if they approach you next time they need care for their pet.  Here are some suggestions on what you can write about:

  • Ease of contact with the owner
  • How clear the instructions from the owner were
  • Overview of the pet
  • Overview of the experience

If you do have some negative feedback about the pet it would be best to discuss it in a positive manner with the Pet Owner with suggestions on possible solutions so they are aware that it is something they might need to address.

Just a reminder that we will not tolerate any bad language or abuse and anyone who does this will no longer be allowed to advertise on our site.


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