Saying “No” to Bookings or Jobs

How do I avoid feeling pressured about accepting a Booking/Job?

There will be some Bookings and Jobs that just don’t feel right and saying “no” to these can be very difficult. Sometimes you just need to do that so that you enjoy your business and reduce the amount of stress you may experience.

If the Booking or Job doesn’t feel right to you don’t feel pressured by a Pet Owner.  Sometimes a Pet Owner will be in a tight spot and try to pressure you into taking a booking that is not right for you.  It might be because they have left it till the last minute and the Meet & Greet is only a few days before they are departing.  If the booking is not right for you don’t accept it.

Whatever the reason, keep your own safety and sanity in mind and say “no” when you know you should.  You could let the Pet Owner know that you have their pet’s best interest at heart and feel that another minder would be better suited to their pet.

How do I say “no” at a Meet & Greet?

Pet Sitters will have the pet living in their home so the Meet & Greet is a critical time to assess whether or not the pet will fit into their household and their schedule though it is a good idea to find out about how much of your schedule the pet will require before the Meet & Greet.

Home Visit Pet Sitters and House Sitters need to check out the safety of the neighbourhood as well as whether or not they can visit/live in the home. It is also an important time to find out about any behavioural issues that the pet/s might have.

At a Meet & Greet can be the most difficult time to say “no” so you need to plan ahead regarding what you can say when in that situation.  One way to say it is “Sorry, but due to my experience, I don’t think this is a good match”.  If it is a pet who is coming to your home, you could advise that you don’t feel your home is the right environment for that pet.

If it really is that the pet is just not right for you refer them back to search for another sitter on the “Don’t Fret Pet!” site.

Remember that it is important to let the Pet Owner know as soon as you can so that they can arrange an alternative for their pet.

How do I choose Pet Owners who are right for me?

Choose Pet Owners for whom you provide your service wisely as that will help you to enjoy your business more and isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?

If you don’t feel comfortable with the Pet Owner don’t accept their Booking/Job.  If they pressure you to go direct, leaving you exposed with no insurance cover, consider not accepting their Booking/Job at all.

If they aren’t honest about their pet or their pet’s requirements there may be other things they have “forgotten” to tell you so it might be better not to accept their Booking/Job.

Should I take time off for myself?

If you’ve blocked off a day, a weekend or a week for yourself try to stick to it so that you do get a break from your business.  Every time you try to take time off you will probably receive bookings requests.  This is a nice problem to have but you need to politely turn down business in order to give yourself an occasional break.  Then you can return to your business refreshed and raring to go!


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