Your Obligations When a Pet is in Your Care

What are my obligations when a pet is in my care?

The safety of the pet is THE most important obligation you will have. You must take every measure to ensure the pet in your charge cannot escape, injure itself or cause injury to others.

As you have a legal duty of care for any animal you are in charge of you must ensure their wellbeing. They must be fed the required food and always have plenty of water, be harnessed correctly in a vehicle and always on lead when outside secure fencing.

You must have a Meet & Greet if you are offering Pet Boarding, House Sitting or Home Visiting.

All dealings with Pet Owners must be conducted in a prompt manner and it is recommended that you conduct them through the “Don’t Fret Pet!” portal and its Chat function. By ensuring most correspondence is via the portal you then have a written history and proof of your dealings with a Pet Owner.

Do not accept cash arrangements as you will not be covered by insurance and this leaves you at risk of being sued should you become liable for any damages that occur.

If out and about with a dog clean up after them. NEVER leave home without doggy bags and ALWAYS have the dog on leash.

If required, provide immediate access to medical attention to any pet in your charge.

Provide regular updates to the Pet Owner of how their pet is going.


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