Why do I need insurance?

You can read some very important information about public liability insurance at

The considerations for a person providing any type of care for pets is the risk of a pet escaping or damaging a third party’s property or even injuring a person e.g. a dog in your care as a Pet Sitter or Pet Taxi or any other service escapes and causes a person in the street to fall over and injure themselves. No matter what precautions you take, accidents can happen and the costs can add up.

What insurance am I covered with when using “DON’T FRET PET!” to get bookings?

What services are not covered by the “DON’T FRET PET!” insurance cover?

What doesn’t “DON’T FRET PET!” insurance cover?

What are my rights with regard to property damages?

Who covers vet expenses if the pet becomes ill with a pre-existing condition?

How do I make an insurance claim?


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