The Process – Pet Owner

Welcome to “Don’t Fret Pet!”. We love pets and have many years of experience matching pet owners with pet sitters and other pet carers.

Welcome to “Don’t Fret Pet!”. We love pets and have many years of experience matching Pet Owners with Pet Sitters and other Pet Service Providers.

Once you have registered, completed your pet’s details and are verified you can then either search for a Pet Service Provider, who provides the service you require in your area, or you can post a Job so that Pet Service Providers contact you.

If, like so many of us, you are time poor, we also offer a personalised Dog Boarding service where we will do the leg work for you in finding the perfect Pet Boarding sitter for your dog. Tell us all about your dog and we will match them with the most suitable sitter. Click here to access our “Pawfect Match” service.


What you need to know to help you use the Portal

This section will help you to understand how the Portal works as well as what options are available to you:

Messages – you will receive an email whenever a Pet Service Provider contacts you and when we send you reminders about your Bookings or Jobs. The message will also appear in your Dashboard Inbox. Click View in the Inbox Action column to see a copy of the message.

Bookings – a Booking is raised when you search, select and approach a Pet Service Provider about a service you require for your pet.

Jobs – a Job is raised when you post an ad for a service you need and the Pet Service Providers contact you.

Pending Bookings and Jobs – in the early stages, before you have agreed to use the services of a Pet Service Provider and before you have paid any money your Bookings and Jobs will reside in the Pending area.

Current Bookings and Jobs – once you have engaged the services of a Pet Service Provider and paid either a deposit or the full amount your Bookings and Jobs will reside in the Current area and will remain there until the day that the Booking or Job is completed.

Past Bookings and Jobs – once a Booking or Job is completed it will move to the Past area.

Declined Bookings and Jobs – if you decide not to proceed with a Booking or Job and cancel a Booking or Job, the Booking or Job will move to the Declined area.


Step 1. Using the Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you can enter your personal details as well as details for each of your pets, view messages in your Inbox, search for Pet Service Providers, add listings for services that you would like Pet Service Providers to apply for and then monitor all of your Bookings and Jobs.

The Dashboard has two menus – a top menu

and a side menu


Step 2. Search for a Pet Service Provider or Post a Job

From your Dashboard you have two ways of finding the Pet Service Provider who is just right for the service you need for your pet. You can either find a Pet Service Provider by searching through the list of people who provide the service you need and creating a booking with them or you can post a Job so that you can choose from the Pet Service Providers who apply for your Job.

A. Find Pet Service Providers (create a Booking)

When you click on Find Pet Service Providers in the top menu you can then narrow down your search by location, dates and what service you are looking for.

If you are looking for a pet sitter to mind your dog in their home (Pet Boarding – away from home) you can then also do an Advanced Search which enables you to put in more details that will find the most suitable sitters for your dog which, from our experience of minding dogs since 1993, we know is very important.

The Advanced Search function enables you to be more selective of the Pet Service Provider that you would like your dog to stay with. You can narrow your search down to those who meet your specific requirements in relation to dogs, cats and young children living in the Pet Service Provider’s home.

Once you have found a Pet Service Provider who appears suitable for your pet you can check on their availability and see more information about them.

If you are happy with the information provided you can then contact them via the booking form to start the communication process.

Once you have done this a Booking will be added to the Pending Bookings area of your Dashboard.


B. Posting a Job

If you would prefer to post a Job and have the Pet Service Providers contact you, you can do this by clicking on My Job Listings and then Add A New Job in the side menu.

When you post a Job you provide the information about what type of service you are looking for and what total price you are willing to pay for that service. There is a 5% Job Advertising Fee, which is capped at $25.00, that will be added onto your total price. If you don’t accept any of the applicants you will not be charged this fee.

Once you have posted your Job the Job will appear in the Pending Jobs area of your Dashboard. You will now be contacted by Pet Service Providers who are available and interested. You will be able to view their profiles and contact those who are most suitable. We recommend that you let those you aren’t interested in know that you don’t require their service so that they don’t keep those dates locked in for you.


Step 3. Reviewing Applicants

It is important that you review any Pet Service Providers for your Booking or Job to ensure that they are right for your pet. We strongly recommend that you speak with them rather than just sending messages. If you are going away and they will be looking after your pet in their home (Pet Boarding) or yours (House Sitting or Home Visits), we cannot emphasise enough the importance of arranging an actual Meet and Greet with them.

After years of matching pet owners and pet sitters, we have found that a Meet and Greet helps prevent any unexpected surprises for both the pet owner and the pet sitter.

  • It will give you an opportunity to make sure the pet sitter, or housesitter, is a great match for your pet.
  • It allows you to discuss any special needs your pets may have.
  • You can discuss any emergency arrangements with the sitter.
  • If the pets will be staying in the pet sitter’s home a Meet and Greet will assist with the following:
    1. If the sitter has pets of their own you can see how their pets and yours interact with each other.
    2. If your pet is a dog, you can determine if the sitter’s yard is secure enough for your dog.
    3. It allows your pet to become familiar with the pet sitter and their surroundings which helps your pet to settle in better when they arrive for their stay with the sitter.
  • If the sitter will be visiting pets in your home or living in your home it is important for you to meet them and be totally comfortable with them being in or around your home. It also gives them an opportunity to:
    1. meet your pets.
    2. learn where important items e.g. food and kitty litter are stored.
    3. discuss your home security requirements.

To assist you in knowing what to discuss during the Meet and Greet we have provided you with a list of questions that should be asked at this meeting. We have emailed you a copy but you can also download the form here.

If you have previously had a Meet and Greet with this Pet Service Provider, unless there have been significant changes, you don’t need to conduct this meeting each time.


Step 4: Approving the Booking or Accepting a Job Applicant

A. Approving the Booking

Once you are certain that the Pet Service Provider is right for your pet you need to approve the Booking. You can only do this after the Pet Service Provider has accepted the Booking.

To approve the Booking go to My Bookings > Pending Bookings and click on View in the Action column of the Booking that you wish to approve.

When the Booking opens up, click on Approve Booking. If the Pet Service Provider has not yet accepted the Booking then the Approve Booking button won’t be able to be clicked. If this is the case it could be worth sending them a reminder so that you keep things moving.

Once you have accepted a Pet Service Provider you will be required to make a payment. Please see Step 5.

When you have made a payment on the Booking it will move to Current Bookings.

B. Accepting a Job Applicant

You may receive multiple applicants for your Job. To view the applicants go to My Job Listings > Pending Jobs and click on View Applicants in the Action column of that Job.

For each applicant you can click on Details and then View Profile to see their profile.You can make private notes for yourself about each applicant using Notes. You can also update the status of where you are with each applicant and give each applicant a private rating for your own reference in Update Pet Service Provider. Your Job will remain in view to other potential applicants until you accept an applicant.

Once you are certain that the applicant is right for your pet you need to click on Accept. They will receive an email advising them that you have accepted them.

Once you have accepted a Pet Service Provider you will be required to make a payment. Please see Step 5.

When you have made a payment on the Job it will move to Current Jobs.


Step 5: Making A Payment

After you have approved your Booking or accepted an applicant on a Job you have posted you will be asked to make a payment. If the booking starts within 14 days, full payment will be required otherwise a 10% deposit will be payable to confirm that you wish to proceed and the balance will be payable 14 days before the booking start date. You can make your secure payment via credit card or PayPal.

We will send you an invoice with a link that you can click to make a payment. The Booking or Job will remain in Pending until you make a payment, either a deposit or full payment so click on View on the Booking or Job in Pending and click on Pay Now. Once a payment has been made the Booking or Job will then move to Current.

Yet another option is to click on My Invoices, make sure you are in Outstanding Invoices and click on the Booking or Job that you wish to pay.

All payments must be made through our website before the start of the booking. This way your pet will be covered by insurance. Click here for our Terms of Service.

A percentage of all payments is forwarded to the World Wild Fund for Nature (previously World Wildlife Fund) whose mission is to halt the decline of threatened animals and to support their recovery.

It is important that you understand that Pet Service Providers and Pet Owners not using the site for payments will not be able to continue using the portal and will have their accounts deleted.


Step 6: Reminders

You will receive a reminder from “Don’t Fret Pet!” a day before your booking or job is due to start/occur.


Step 7: Updates from the Pet Service Provider

We recommend to the Pet Service Providers who are looking after your pet while you are away that they keep you informed with regular updates.

It is important to discuss this before you go and advise the Pet Service Provider your preferred method of contact, either via the portal or another of the numerous free digital options available.


Step 8: Payment to the Pet Service Provider

After your Booking or Job has ended you will need to give your approval for your payment to be released to the Pet Service Provider. You will receive a notification from us to remind you to log in and complete this step.

If you don’t provide this approval within 7 days of the last day of the Booking/Job the payment will be automatically released to the Pet Service Provider.


Step 9: Leave A Review

Leaving a review of the service you received is very simple. It is also very important to the Pet Service Provider, other Pet Owners and to us.

Pet Service Providers rely on feedback so that other Pet Owners choose them. Pet Owners like to see reviews from other users of the portal so that they can feel more comfortable about using that Pet Service Provider. Reviews help us to know what level of service a Pet Service Provider is providing as we will not allow anyone who is not not providing a high level of service to continue to advertise on our portal.

To leave a review just login to the website and go to your Dashboard then on the side menu go to the Bookings Reviews or Job Reviews section. Here you should click on Write/Modify Review and leave comments regarding the service you received. Please give honest, polite and rational feedback. Use of profanities or defamatory comments will not be tolerated and, if feedback is deemed to fall into that category, the feedback will be permanently removed.