The Process – Pet Service Provider

Welcome to “Don’t Fret Pet!”.  We love pets and have many years of experience matching pet owners with pet sitters and other pet carers.

Once you have registered, completed your profile and are verified we will do our best to ensure that as many pet owners as possible see your pet caring skills and make bookings with you.

What you need to know to help you use the portal

This section will help you to understand how the Portal works as well as what options are available to you:

Messages – you will receive an email and an sms, if you have ticked SMS Notifications in your Personal Details, whenever a Pet Owner contacts you and when we send you reminders about your Bookings or Jobs. The message will also appear in your Dashboard Inbox. Click View in the Inbox Action column to see a copy of the message.

Bookings – a Booking is raised when a Pet Owner searches for a Pet Service Provider and approaches you about a service that you offer.

Jobs – a Job is raised when a Pet Owner posts an ad for a service they need.  You should regularly SEARCH JOB and apply to those suited to you.

Pending Bookings and Jobs – in the early stages, before you and the Pet Owner have both decided to proceed.  Once you have both agreed to proceed the Booking or Job will remain as Pending until the Pet Owner has paid either a deposit or the balance of payment.

Current Bookings and Jobs – once you and the Pet Owner have both decided to proceed and the Pet Owner has made a payment your Bookings and Jobs will reside in the Current area and will remain there until the day that the Booking or Job is completed.  It will also remain there if any money payable by the Pet Owner is outstanding.

Past Bookings and Jobs – once a Booking or Job is completed and the balance payable is zero it will move to the Past area.

Declined Bookings and Jobs – if you decide not to proceed with a Booking or Job, and click on Decline, it will move to the Declined area.

Step 1. You Will Either Receive A Booking Request OR You Can Apply For A Job

Bookings are received when a Pet Owner has found you via Find Pet Service Providers and approached you about accepting their booking. 

Jobs are posted by Pet Owner and you can click on Search Jobs to view what jobs are available in your area and you can then apply for those that suit you.

We don’t want you to miss any potential bookings or jobs so, when you receive any communication from a Pet Owner about a booking or a job, we will notify you in two ways:

  1. Email
  2. Text message (optional – please tick SMS Notifications in your Personal Details area)

This way we can be assured you won’t miss any requests.  When you log into your “Don’t Fret Pet!” account you will find all email notifications in your Inbox.  

To see details of new bookings or jobs proceed to the My Bookings or My Jobs tab and click on Pending Bookings or Pending Jobs.

Pending bookings

Click on the View button to see all the details of the booking or job such as the dates, number of pets, their breeds and any relevant information. Here you will see any additional information the Pet Owner has sent as a message explaining their request.

Review all the details of the booking or job.  If you have further questions to ask the Pet Owner you can send a message to them using the Chat function.

Step 2: Accept or Decline the Booking or Job 

For bookings, you need to either accept or decline the booking after viewing the details.  (Remember that the Pet Owner may be contacting more than one pet service provider so the sooner you respond to them the more likely you are to be selected for the booking.)

If you are a pet sitter or house sitter, it is strongly recommended that you organise a Meet and Greet with the Pet Owner so it is a good idea to provide your best contact details (mobile, email, time to call etc).

If you decide to decline the booking or, after finding out more about the job decide not to proceed with it, you need to click on the Decline button. The Pet Owner will receive notification that you are not proceeding and the booking/job will move to the Declined area of your Dashboard.  We recommend that, out of politeness, you provide a reason for declining the booking or job.

Step 3: Meet and Greet 

Although the Meet and Greet stage is not compulsory, at “Don’t Fret Pet!” we strongly recommend that pet sitters (pet boarding in your home or visiting pets in their home) and house sitters organise a Meet and Greet with the owner.  After years of matching Pet Owners and pet sitters, we have found that a Meet and Greet helps prevent unexpected surprises for both the Pet Owner and the pet sitter.

  • It will give you an opportunity to make sure you are a great match for the pet and that the pet suits you
  • If the pets will be staying in your home a Meet and Greet will assist with the following:
    1. If you have pets of your own you can see how the owner’s pet and yours interact with each other
    2. If the pet is a dog, the owner can determine if your yard is secure enough for their dog
    3. It allows the pet to become familiar with you and your surroundings which helps them to settle in better when they arrive for their stay with you
  • If you are visiting pets in their own home you will need to meet the pets, learn where important items, e.g. food and kitty litter, are stored and discuss the owner’s home security requirements
  • If you are a house sitter it is important for you to view the environment where you will be living so that you can ascertain if it is suitable for you
  • It allows you to discuss any special needs the pet may have
  • You can discuss any emergency arrangements with the owner

To make it easier to remember what to discuss we have provided you with a list of questions that should be asked at this meeting. We have emailed you a copy but you can also download the form here.

Step 4: Booking/Job Approval

If a Meet and Greet is to occur, the booking/job should be approved by the Pet Owner after the Meet and Greet or, if you both decide not to have a Meet and Greet, the booking/job can be approved after you and the Pet Owner have discussed and agreed upon all details of the care required.

There is an option for you to change the price of a booking.  If this has been discussed with the Pet Owner and agreed upon with them, you can do this by going to My Bookings>Pending Booking and select View.  

You can change the price by selecting the Update Price button and entering the new amount.  This will need to occur before the booking is approved by the Pet Owner.

If you are happy with the booking and nothing needs to be modified then just click the Accept Booking button. This will let the owner know you are happy to proceed and that payment is required by them to secure the booking.

As you accepted a job at an agreed rate only the Pet Owner can change the rate of a job.  

View Booking

Step 5: Payment To Be Made

After you and the Pet Owner have agreed that you are both happy to proceed the Pet Owner needs to make a payment.  If the start date is more than 14 days away they only need to pay 20%.  Full payment is due 14 days before the start date.

All payments must be made through the website before the start date. This way you will be covered by insurance.  If the payment is not made through the website then the insurance will not be activated and you are at risk.

Please remember that it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the Pet Owner has paid in full before you proceed with a booking or job.  If they don’t pay in advance it is possible that they may decline to pay after the booking/job is completed which means that you can’t be paid so please check that full payment is made before the booking/job commences.

The 15% fee covers our administrative and insurance costs, both of which are in place to protect you from any unforeseen events. It also goes towards advertising the website so that more Pet Owners visit our site which means more opportunities for bookings and jobs for you as well as donations to the World Wildlife Fund. When Pet Owners pay through the website this also guarantees that you have access to our Support Service.

Pet Service Providers and Pet Owners not using the site for payments will not be tolerated and will have their accounts deleted.

Step 6: Start Date Reminders

You will receive a reminder from “Don’t Fret Pet!” a day before the start date of the booking or job.  We will also send a reminder to the Pet Owner with any last minute requirements.

Step 7: Send Your Pet Sitting Stories

If you are pet sitting or house sitting we recommend that you keep the Pet Owner informed about how their pet is enjoying their time with you or your visits to their home.  It is often difficult for Pet Owners to be away from their beloved pets so this is a great way for them to stay in touch and they will really appreciate the updates.  You are also more likely to have very positive feedback if you keep the Pet Owner up-to-date with how their pet is going.

You can send updates by logging into the website and selecting Chat from the Current Bookings or Current Jobs sections.  Here you can add photos and messages for the Pet Owner to see.

send updates

You may also decide to keep in contact using other methods discussed with the Pet Owner e.g. SMS, Facebook Messenger etc.

You will need to notify the Pet Owner immediately if anything unexpected occurs such as the pet becoming ill, having an accident or managing to escape.  Make sure you have the emergency contact details on hand as well as the vet information supplied by the Pet Owner.

Step 8: Confirm The End Of The Booking/Job 

After the booking/job has ended and the pet is back with their beloved Pet Owner, the Pet Owner will be asked to leave a review about the service you provided.  They will also need to give approval for payment to be released to you. They will receive a notification from us to remind them to log in and complete this step.

If the Pet Owner does not complete this approval within 7 days the payment will be automatically approved for you.

Once the Pet Owner has approved the payment or the payment has been automatically released, the payment will be paid to you using your preferred payment method.

Step 9: Leave A Review

This step is very important for both parties.  Not only do you want a Pet Owner to leave you a review to help boost your profile but you should also provide some feedback for the Pet Owner.  The other benefit of doing this is that you can always refer back to that feedback to remind you how the booking/job went if the Pet Owner requires your services in the future.

You will need to login to the website and go to the Bookings Reviews or Job Reviews section in the left-hand menu.  Here you should click on Write/Modify Review where you can leave comments regarding the booking/job.  Please give honest, polite and rational feedback.  Use of profanities or defamatory comments will not be tolerated and, if feedback is deemed to fall into that category, the feedback will be permanently removed.

booking reviews

Step 10: Your Payment 

Once the owner has made final approval of the booking/job, or 7 days have passed since the booking/job was completed without their approval, payment will be made using your preferred payment method within 3 business days.